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STEAM skills are increasingly essential in a technology-driven society facing environmental sustainability challenges. Rapidly changing ecological, economic, political, and social problems require innovative educational approaches. However, current classrooms lack models to help young people acquire necessary new skills.

International interest in STEM careers has grown due to shortages in technical and professional positions. Despite this, education systems still lack proper integration of these competencies.

PROMISED aims to design an integrated STEAM education model, incorporating science, technology, engineering, arts, mathematics, humanities, and ecological awareness. The goal is to prepare students to solve global problems through innovation, creativity, critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and new knowledge.

The project also emphasizes language skills for global mobility, using the CLIL approach to teach both content and language (in English, Spanish, or French). This interdisciplinary method will enhance motivation, critical thinking, and create a real-world learning environment.


PROMISED Objectives

PROMISED main goal is to develop and implement a new and innovative efficient didactic model of integrated and inclusive STEAM teaching in bilingual contexts for secondary education, fostering the twin digital & green transition. For this purpose, the consortium will work together to achieve these specific objectives:

To increase bilingual proficiency skills in STEAM education (at least in three different bilingual contexts: Spanish, English and French).


To elaborate teaching materials that prepares teachers for the introduction of digital tools in their classes and the improvement of their students’ innovation skills.


To elaborate teaching materials that takes into account considerations such as gender, social justice and equity in STEAM education, particularly focused on issues of diversity, injustice, conflict and social justice within a school context.


To promote employability in Europe and the understanding of the different school systems.



To develop teaching materials that addresses sustainability and digitalization, from interdisciplinary approaches.


To elaborate teaching materials that prepares teachers to use the appropriate ICT and Social Networks to teach, communicate and share knowledge.


To develop guidelines that builds on the strengths of each partner to enable teachers and stakeholders to work effectively and competently in compulsory education and in informal settings.

These objectives will enhance the promotion of a holistic approach to language teaching and learning, the interest in STEAM disciplines and, in general, the development of key competencies.

PROMISED Implementation

Promised will carry out different activities involving the target group, such as the Delphi method as a consultation or the validation, piloting, and implementation of the didactic materials. There will also be a co-design and validation activity for the pedagogical framework.

An international virtual community for teachers, trainee teachers, and experts, a training activity with teachers, and a final event for the whole target group to share and promote all the results of the project.


The Project will have as main results:

Pedagogical Framework

A comprehensive didactic model for conducting integrative STEAM + CLIL interventions with secondary students for achieving digital and green skills.

STEAM Materials

Integrative STEAM bilingual teaching materials focused on digitalisation and sustainability, that will combine different resources elaborate through the process of the teaching-learning sequence, thus interlacing the researchers, teachers, and students’ perspectives


Guidelines for teachers and stakeholders for implementing the teaching materials.

In addition, an international virtual community of practice for teachers, pre-service teachers and experts, a training activity with teachers and a final event for the whole target group will be created in order to share and promote all project results. All the materials and documents produced will be available so that everybody can use them for free in the form of Open Educational Resources.

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This website and the factsheets, reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

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